The vigilance for the safety of the medicines that our company handles is an ongoing process that is followed to monitor medicines throughout their lifecycle. The overriding goal is to ensure the therapeutic benefits of their use against the potential risks.

For our company to ensure high quality pharmacovigilance, we work with Pharmassist Ltd., a leading specialist in our field.

Regardless of your status (health professional, patient, etc.), reporting side effects actively contributes to our efforts to closely monitor the safety of our medicines when used.

You can contact us to report any side effects reported with our company medication in the following ways:

  • Direct to aVIPharma:
  • Direct to Pharmassist:

The information regarding the reporting of adverse reactions is confidential and is recorded anonymously for the petitioner and the patient.

Adverse events can also be reported by Health Professionals and patients directly to the National Medicines Agency (“EOF”). For information on reporting side effects directly to EOF, follow the link: